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  • Instructional Time Policy: We prioritize and value instructional time and need every minute to provide students quality instruction. For that reason, we ask that you ensure your child arrives at school on time and that you not check a student out early unless it is an emergency or for a scheduled appointment. Our office staff will not check students out between 3:20-3:45, as teachers will be completing important end of the day closing activities. We ask that you respect this policy, as it is to ensure we are maximizing instructional time for the benefit of your child.
  • No Checkout or Pick up from Carpool Lobby – For the safety of our students’ and due to the large number of students gathered in the lobby for carpool there will be no check-out and pick-up of carpool students from our lobby. It can become chaotic while calling carpool numbers so to ensure the safety of our students being picked up by the correct parent/guardians, we must enforce this policy. Parents must go through our carpool line for pick-up. If you do not have a carpool number, we will call the students name.

All volunteers for WCPSS, former and new, need to register.
All volunteers should go to the WCPSS Intranet, go to Business Applications, scroll down to Volunteer Registration and follow the prompts. You must be on a school computer to complete this sign up!


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